5 reasons to visit Cebu, The Philippines.

We spent a month traveling Cebu in the Visayas of the Philippines, it was our first time to the Philippines and only our second month of our 9 month trip, so we were still beginners! We were asked why we weren’t going to Palawan and Boracay because they have the best beaches and diving, but the truth is we were more interested in seeing the real Philippines than hanging out with other tourists this time, as we weren’t sure if there would be a time we would return (There is so much of the world we want to see!), so we started our journey in Mactan-Cebu and here are 5 things we loved about it!

 1. The Views.

With some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, Cebu really did not disappoint. The beaches, mountains and villages were all gorgeous and there is always something to see and take pictures of!


2. The People.

The local people are unbelievably friendly. So polite and eager to please, we always felt welcome wherever we went. And especially handy having very little language barrier as most Filipinos speak English and are very proud of it! 


3. Diving/Snorkelling.

Although I am not a diver or snorkeler, Alan loves it and he had so much fun exploring the ocean, especially in Moalboal.

4. Karaoke.

Filipinos LOVE karaoke and there wasn’t one night in our 30 days that we went to bed without hearing someone singing! They don’t seem to even care about the quality of the singing, as long as you have a voice you can do it! It probably helped that the singing is washed down by a Red Horse or San Miguel or 2..! 

san miguel

5.  Relax.
Now my favourite! Relaxing by one of the many empty white sandy beaches in a hammock, with a rum in hand.

bantayan palm tree

Now you just need to go and see for yourself!


5 thoughts on “5 reasons to visit Cebu, The Philippines.

  1. I love karaoke and I’ve always wanted to try snorkeling! I haven’t gotten a chance to visit the Phillipines yet, but I know that i’ll get to visit sometime in the near future… maybe this summer when I’m in Asia? We’ll see! Thank you for sharing.

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