How Tired Eyes In Tokyo Earnt Us An Upgrade 

All of you can probably relate to travelling long distances and feeling under the weather from a lack of sleep or the hassle of adjusting to a different time zone at some point in your life.

Since the 3rd October 2014 we have been on 22 different flights in various corners of the planet. Short haul and long haul, but the one flight we were dreading, or shall I say three flights we were dreading, all started from Bangkok Thailand to Tokyo Japan which kicked off our journey to Florida! 


This flight wasn’t planned before we left home as we had a different flight booked to Vancouver, but plans changed, which meant a change of flight! Our plan was to now spend a month in Florida before going to Vancouver because the weather would be a lot warmer in the sunshine state then in Canada. 

Anyway the result of this meant the only way of getting to Florida for a price we considered feasible was to fly on 3 differnt planes to 3 differnt parts of the world, starting with a 7 hour journey to Tokyo from Bangkok over night. This was the most uncomfortable journey and hottest plane I think we have ever been on which meant no sleep for over 24 hours by the time we landed in Tokyo at 6am and a rather grumpy girlfriend!

We then had the whole day in Tokyo to explore some of the famous sights and try some Japanese food as our next flight from Tokyo to Toronto wasn’t until 7pm. After just a few hours in to the day we were drifting in and out of sleep and relying on coffee to keep us awake for the entire day.


More coffee and some Coke did manage to keep us standing vertically until we jumped on the subway back to the airport, by which time we didn’t know who we were and couldn’t care less about what was going on around us. 


An hour or so before our Air Canada check in desk was due to open we stood dreary eyed leaning on our luggage that we had put in storage for the day gazing at one and other dreading the 12 hour flight ahead. 

The airport was relatively quiet and we seemed to be the only people about which was quite odd. We then got chatting to the Air Canada staff who had arrived to set up their check in desk, they were all so lovely and friendly and they questioned us about our tired looks, so we explained where we had come from and where we were eventually heading for. With a domino effect of stunned faces, some of the staff spoke amongst themselves for a while before calling us over to another desk.

To our delight they had decided to upgrade us for free! Just out of pure kindness to first class from economy as there were 3 seats available. We were estatic and could not believe our luck! We got access to the Air Canada lounge and helped ourselves to a ton of food, some wine and then rinsed the tiredness off of our hot and smelly bodies in the lounge shower facilities. 


The flight was so good! A three course meal, tons of alcohol to send us off to sleep for about 8 hours each and then a brilliant breakfast when we woke an hour or so from landing in Toronto. Having flown East over the Pacific we crossed the international date line and our body clocks got another real kick in the guts, as we had gone back in time an entire day! Meaning we could relive that day again! Complicated? Yeah very! By this time we just gave up trying to work out what the time should be back in Bangkok from where we had spent so much time leading up to these flights!


Eventually we did arrive in Florida from Toronto at around 2am ET after almost 3 days of travelling and walking around Tokyo fuelling ourselves on caffeine. The journey wasn’t necessarily fun and I wouldn’t recommend it if you have other flight options, but what we will say is how amazing Air Canada were to us and that we felt so lucky! 

Fly Air Canada!

By Alan Bogle.


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