We Are Home!

Where do I start… 8 months on the road since the start of October 2014, travelling over 42,000 miles by plane, train, boat, taxi, bus and foot, catching 22 flights, visiting 3 continents and 11 country’s we have returned home to surprise my mum for her 50th birthday! We would like to thank those who knew we were coming home all along for not letting the surprise slip after all these months. 


On our travels we have experienced things unexplainable to those who have not been to many third world country’s, where life flows smoothly and in a happier sense then how life is in the western world. When you meet families who survive on less than $1 a day each or been through 2 severe Typhoons in 12 months and still have smiles on their faces day and night believing that they have everything they could wish for on planet earth, you begin to question your own lifestyle and habits back home. 


The stories we can tell for the rest of our lives of situations we have found ourselves in, both good and bad make us emotional just thinking about them now.


There was a saying we found on the Internet when we were planning this trip of a lifetime and that was, how those who have/are travelling have a special connection and understanding of life, that the majority of others in a civilian life will never grasp. 


We can show off our photos and videos but it will never express the beauty and memories you make for life of being there and witnessing it for yourself.


We have met tons of amazing people from all over the globe that we will stay in contact with through social media and maybe one day meet up with on our next adventure which will hopefully be in a few years time once Poppy is done with her education. 


This truly has been the best year of our life! We urge and recommend everyone to travel for a long period of time and take a break away from working a routine lifestyle just once in their life. It will open your eyes in so many ways and make you appreciate such simple things that you take for granted when you wake up every morning! 

We live in a beautiful planet full of beautiful people! 



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