Why Florida is 1 of the best places to travel.

when we mention to fellow travellers that we love visiting Florida and we’re going to return to the Sunshine State for a month in February 2015, many people asked why, even Americans. 

It seems Florida is looked at by many as a child’s Disneyland dream come true and full of fast food chains.

Well that is the case if you spend time in and around Orlando. There is no doubting that Disneyland, Universal Studios and Wet n Wild are exhilaratingly fun for a family vacation, but there is another side of Florida many don’t know about.


We tend to base ourselves in Bradenton on the west coast, Gulf of Mexico. Life is so much more laid back and relaxed on the coast compared to city’s like Miami and Orlando. Florida actually has one of the highest car insurance rates in the US due to how slow most people in the state drive. 

Having travelled all over South East Asia (SEA) and the Caribbean laying on plenty of gorgeous beaches, we have seen some breathtakingly tropical landscapes by the ocean. But we both agree that Florida is our favourite beach destination. 

That statement is something Americans themselves even questioned us about until we revealed pictures to them that we have taken in the past of Anna Maria Island, Siesta Key and Venice Beach. 


Spotlessly clean and maintained by the council with restroom facilities, free car parking and no sun loungers or funky umbrellas to spoil the setting.

You will be surprised at how many people acknowledge you with a simple smile or, hello when passing on the street or in a supermarket. It makes you feel really comfortable and joyful when the local people welcome you in to their town. 

As for the fast food chains, well their still everywhere but you can find many independent fish restaurants, burger joints, quirky  little beach bars and homemade ice cream shops full of character. 


We recommend looking at staying with an AirBNB (www.airbnb.com). We chose this option to save us money on accomodation and wanted to find somewhere with more outdoor space then we might of had if we stayed in a hotel. It saved us a few hundred pounds for sure! 

If you want your vacation to be fast paced and lots to do then this is still the perfect place for you. With so many walking trails, biking trails, National parks, great fishing, airboat rides, shopping, golf, the beach, parks, Busch Gardens, wildlife watching and many more!

The best way to discover any country is to see it for yourself and give it your own view.


By Alan Bogle.


21 thoughts on “Why Florida is 1 of the best places to travel.

  1. I am so biased now that I live in California (though, I haven’t ever visited Florida). I want all the people to come visit me down here – we’re from Canada, so it’s all pretty fantastic to us. My parents have been to Florida though, and have really enjoyed it.

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  2. I really love Florida. I was basically me second home as a kid thanks to our yearly Disney World trips. Although we still visit Disney World often, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to visit Miami, Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater and the Florida Keys as I’ve gotten older. Florida definitely has lots to offer and I can’t wait to visit again for my Disney World trip this August ❤

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  3. You did a nice post about Florida here – I love how you shared a different side of Florida that travelers and even locals should probably explore. It’s good to see a side of Florida that’s chill and serene. Great captures, by the way.

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  4. Breathtakingly beautiful! Truly the most beautiful nature treasures are usually hidden. I have friends in Florida, they should know this. Thank you for sharing this treasure (with awesome and inviting photos)

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  5. We have been to Florida 3 times, twice to Disney and once to Key West. We loved our visits, but like many people do not usually think of it as a top destination choice. Your photos, however reminded me of a beach we went to in St, Thomas. I am thinking of surprising my Husband with a short trip, so I will now put Florida on the list, Thank you!

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  6. As a native Californian I can’t help but be a little biased, but the pictures you’ve shared here are undeniably gorgeous! There’s nothing like a beach town to make you feel comfortable and at ease 🙂 Happy travels!

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  7. What a great adventure you are having. I wish that I had been as brave when I was your tender age, but I have spent many years trying to make up for it! Your journey will change you for the better. Good luck.

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