A lazy day in Vancouver.

With all this amazing weather at the moment and as it’s our last few days here before our drive to Alberta, we decided to enjoy a lazy Sunday and head to North Vancouver to a place called Deep Cove.


deep cove 

 We strolled along the harbour, watching the boats, kayaks and paddle boarders all out on the Ocean before walking up the high street to find little independent cafe’s and shops, where we grabbed some fish n chips and sat in the sunshine looking out to sea. It was so nice to see all of the families out making the most of what they have on their doorstep, people having BBQ’s on the beach or relaxing on the grass. Something I don’t think we do enough of at home in the UK. Another reason why traveling is great for you to experience how others live. We have loved all the hikes and trails available in Vancouver, but it was so nice to spend the afternoon in the sun watching the world go by!


deep cove

Vancouver has so much to offer, we have been here over a month and we’re still finding new things to do and explore daily. We will definitely miss this big city.

deep cove

By Poppy Glendening.


6 thoughts on “A lazy day in Vancouver.

  1. Hi, I just saw your post about Vancouver. I recently visited Vancouver, on the 12th and 13th of April. We weren’t lucky to have such nice weather. Next time hopefully I will get to go to Deep Cove. Can’t wait to see pictures from Alberta.

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