Why you should consider staying with an airbnb

Choosing the right place to stay during a trip or a long stop over is always a bit tricky, especially if you are on a budget and if you are a bit picky about the environment you want to live in. 

We discovered airbnb about a year ago and thought we would try it out for our stay in Florida over Februay and March 2015. For starters, North America is a hell of a lot more expensive when you arrive there after backpacking through South East Asia. 

So to save money and have more of our own space rather than being cramped in a hostel or hotel room we found a large villa in Bradenton on the Gulf coast of Florida, about 40 minutes south of Tampa. 


We were nervous about staying in someone else’s home and living with strangers, but once we arrived and introduced ourselves we settled in quickly. 

The house was massive and we were given our own separate living area with a double bedroom, private bathroom and dressing room. As well as access to the kitchen facilities, swimming pool, dock and BBQ. 


We hardly saw the owners who were living there throughout our stay and had most evenings to ourself to relax, have a few drinks and make good use of the tree house, sitting down by the dock and jump in the pool. 

Although this didn’t save us any money by choosing this particular property, it didn’t cost us any more than it would if we ended up locked in a gloomy hotel room with a window view of a parking lot.


We are hooked on staying at an airbnb and now have two more places booked for Canada and New York to enjoy in the coming months. Using air bnb in New York has certainly saved us money! We have an apartment in Lower East Village for $100 a night, which is much cheaper than the usual $250 for a standard hotel. 

By Alan Bogle.



4 thoughts on “Why you should consider staying with an airbnb

  1. Wow, I’ve never had an Airbnb like that one. We recently stayed in one called ‘The Worst Place in Budapest’, which caught our attention with its name, but which turned out to be ok. In fact, it was very homely, and the guy’s Mum met us and sat at a laptop with Google Translate open to talk to us! Good old Airbnb!


  2. I’m a HUGE fan of Airbnb! I’ve now stayed in airbnb accommodations in Spain and Italy and am fully converted. It’s more often than not the best bang for your buck and you can get pretty unique rentals. Can’t wait for my California trip in August – it’ll def be another airbnb venture!

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  3. I’m really glad to see that you had a great experience! I’ll be staying in an AirBnB in Avignon in July, and this gets me excited about the opportunity. I’ll be sure to blog about my experience.

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  4. Such a lovely house you stayed in! I love airbnb! I went from place to place through airbnb apartments when I was in Japan and really loved it. With one of the places we stayed at in Osaka the host owned two rooms in the apartment complex, one on level 5 and 6 so he was directly above us, and he told us he changes between the two depending on what one the guests want to stay in. Which I thought was pretty cool since you got your own space but also had the host close by if you had any questions. Also the best perk of going through airbnb is that you can split the rent cost if you’re travelling with others! 😀

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