December 2014 Recap. Month 3.

Month 3 of our journey began in Mactan-Cebu in The Philippines, we finished our 30 days there on the 4th December, a few days before Typhoon Hagupit/Ruby. We flew to Chiang Mai Thailand, stopping in Kuala Lumpur for the night. We stayed in Chiang Mai for 4 days  make that 3 weeks! We LOVED it and didn’t want to leave!. (Will have a post on our time in Chiang Mai soon!) We then flew down to Bangkok to end month 3 of our trip and end of the year!

Where we started: Mactan Cebu, The Philippines

Where we finished: Bangkok, Thailand

Countries visited: 3.  The Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand,

Rooms: 5

Flights: 3

Cars/Minivan/Bus: 7

Boats: 0

Miles travelled: 3,370 (5,423 km)

Best food: Penang Curry and rice with Thai spring rolls

Favourite place: Chiang Mai! Thailand.

Least favourite place: Mactan, The Philippines.

Best bit: Learning about rescued Elephants at Elephant Nature Park.

Worst bit: Being away from our families on Christmas day.

art museumchiang maiflying from chiang mai - bangkok


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