Living With Less!!

Checking In.

Practically everyone would admit to owning more stuff then they actually need and could easily live without if it was taken away from them. Preparing to leave home we had to carefully choose what was going to be essential on our journey and what we didn’t really need but were just so used to having in our lives.

We have relatively small backpacks both measuring up at 55 litres. Which resulted in us trying to pack our bags and then having to take stuff out to make the bag fit and re-pack repeatedly. Essential things like our malaria tablets, other medicines, toiletries, mobile phones, laptop and chargers, plus a few bits of clothing were obviously not going to be left at home, so it was mostly the home comforts and things like a favourite t-shirt that stayed behind. Honestly, Its surprising how quickly they fill up!

For the first few weeks that…

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2 thoughts on “Living With Less!!

  1. I definitely agree! When I moved from Chicago to Tokyo, I only had one big luggage and a backpack. I realized that I actually fit most of my life in those two bags and I wasn’t really wishing for anything else.

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  2. Ah yes, I remember the packing and re-packing of the backpack before we left and then ended up sending half of it home after a month of travelling, realising I needed really very little. It’s been an interesting and liberating experience. I’m still accumulating things but at least now I have to shed things before i can carry more and then I realise how attached I can get to stuff – it’s a great practice in letting go!

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