November 2014 Recap. Month 2.

Month 2 of our trip started in Koh Lanta Thailand. We finished off our 17 days there with beers and cocktails with our new friends at Banana Garden Home! The next day we went to Krabi town for our flight the next morning to Kuala Lumpur. We had heard great things about Malaysia and it didn’t disappoint, we ate amazing, cheap food, shopped and saw some great views but we’ll save the rest of what we got up to in KL for another post. Next we caught a flight to THE PHILIPPINES! A place we were both SO excited to get too, we spent the rest of the month exploring the island of Cebu.

kuala lumpur

Where we started: Koh Lanta, Thailand.

Where we finished: Mactan Cebu, The Philippines.

Countries visited: 3. Thailand, Malaysia, The Philippines.

Rooms: 8

Flights: 2

Cars/Minivan/Bus: 10

Boats: 2

Miles travelled: 2,590 (4,168km)

Best food: Indian street food in KL.

Favourite place: Moalboal, The Philippines.

Least favourite place: Cebu city, The Philippines.

Best bit: Seeing Whale sharks!

Worst bit: Almost getting pick pocketed in little India KL.

IMG_0921 (2) IMG_0937 (2) IMG_4215 (2)


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