October 2014 Recap.

This is where it all started, our first month on the road! How exciting!
We flew from London Heathrow on October 3rd to Bangkok landing on the 4th, with a quick stop in Mumbai. We spent 2 days in Bangkok and decided to start heading south. We took a minivan to Hua Hin and stayed for a night, almost felt like we were back at home, there were so many retired Europeans! We quickly moved on to Prachuap Kiri Khan, it rained constantly which made it difficult for us to see anything, so we decided to spend the next day travelling to Krabi town as the weather was supposed to be just as bad. The next morning we set off, 4 minivans and 9 hours later we arrived in Krabi town and looked for a place to stay. We were not used to carrying our backpacks yet, so we picked the first place we found, luckily it was pretty good! We really enjoyed our time in Krabi town but after 3 nights decided to move on to Ao Nang where we stayed 4 nights in a beautiful bungalow surrounded by monkeys and trees, it was amazing! Next we travelled to Koh Lanta, we stayed for just over 2 weeks at Banana Garden Home, and enjoyed a little holiday before the real travelling began!


Where it started: London UK.

Where it ended: Koh Lanta Thailand.

Countries visited: 2

Rooms stayed in: 7

Flights: 2

Busses/minivan/car: 12

Boats: 2

Miles travelled: 6,903

Best food: Being invited into a local Thai home on Koh Lanta for dinner. Shrimp in oyster sauce and red curry with rice.

Favourite place: Koh Lanta

Worst place: Prachuap Khiri Khan

Favourite activity: walking through the Koh Lanta forest to get to a waterfall.

Best bit: Landing in Bangkok to start our journey.

Worst bit: Walking to the waterfall and running into a snake, and then looking down at my leg to find a leech hanging off me!
DCIM101GOPRODSC_0753 (2)


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