Best Free Hike in Vancouver BC

We arrived in Vancouver with one thing on our mind, the outdoors! Canada is known for its lush landscapes and beautiful mountain peaks along with Skiing and the country’s variety of wild life. So getting out in to the fresh air was where we began our journey.


There are plenty of scenique hikes for begginers and hikes for those who walk for days-on-end up the largest mountains on Earth. But for us being new to the whole hike scene, we opted for some easier routes.

Many sites advertise trails for tourists that are undoubtably gorgeous, but some way or another end up paying a fee of some kind to acces the trail, or a park fee entrance that you weren’t expecting to pay. 

However we discovered Lynn Canyon Park, situated on the eastern side of Northern Vancouver. Easily accessible via the city’s fantastic public transport that we cannot fault (that’s for another blog). You can get a train or bus to waterfront station, get the seabus to Lonsdale Quay and a bus will be there at the other side that will drop you less than 0.5km from Lynn Canyon Park entrance. A 2 zone ticket will cost you just $4cad either way and you can jump on any public transport with this ticket. Or it might work out cheaper to get an all day travel pass for $9.75cad


 When you arrive at Lynn Canyon you can check out the gift shop and information centre and grab a bite to eat at the cafe before heading over the suspension bridge located between twin waterfalls. The suspension bridge is free as this trail is mostly used for locals and not classed as a tourist attraction. Having been to the Capilano suspension bridge, which was a good day out, we both agreed that spending a whole day at Lynn Canyon Park was more enjoyable and far from as busy as going to the Capilano bridge, where you pay in excess of $30cad for an adult ticket. 


 You can walk for as long as you like around Lynn Canyon amongst thousands of trees and on the waters edge of some spectacular lakes where you can also do a bit of trout fishing. You feel totally alone in this part of Vancouver until you see someone else every 10 or 15 minutes  enjoying the peacefulness of nature like we did. 

The actual Canyon itself is breathtaking! You could spend the whole day down there listening to the water fall crashing in to the rock pool- which is so inviting to jump in, so take a towel just incase you get an urge. 


We have done a few long walks on trails and in the mountains of Vancouver but for us the one that stands out is Lynn Canyon Park. Also look out for Mystery Lake, we ran out of time to find it but it’s supposed to be a great place to relax and take a dip in the water. 


By Alan Bogle.


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