Seeing Thailand on 2 wheels.

We had heard so many horror stories about how many tourists have scooter accidents in South East Asia (SEA) before we left for Thailand and then again when we got to bangkok and saw the famous, ‘Bangkok tattoo’ that scars the knees and elbows of most backpackers on Khao San Road.

In a strange way we felt like we would be missing out if we had not experienced the hectic traffic and bumpy roads of SEA on a scooter for ourselves. So being novices to the whole scooter thing, we built up the confidence to rent our first set of wheels on Koh Lanta for about $5.


This turned out to be a great decision and we ended up scootering around in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. It is part adrenaline rush and part freedom that you feel other travellers will not be able to experience without having a scooter to venture off in to the mountains and countryside.


There is something we would suggest you ask at the place you are renting your scooter from before you head off out… Where and how do you fill up the scooter with gas! 

We were given a scooter with the needle on empty and no clue where the nearest place to get gas was. It turned out that there was a small self-service gas pump on the side of the road not too far from where we set off from.

But knowing where to locate the gas cap was a struggle. It didn’t spring to mind that it would be inside the seat we were sitting on. But hey! Most of you might know stuff about scooters and would look in the seat first. 


If you are hesitant about exploring off the main roads of SEA on a scooter. Our advice would be, don’t be hesitant, rent one in a quieter town and not in a city, locate the gas cap and have a blast! 

By Alan Bogle.


4 thoughts on “Seeing Thailand on 2 wheels.

  1. We’ve been really wishing we had the courage to rent a scooter – we used to have trail bike many years back but the whole SEA traffic is like nothing we’ve seen before! But your story is inspiring. We’ll be in Siem Reap in a couple of days and will seriously think about doing it!

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  2. Thank you for stopping by our blog and following it too! We are currently in Thailand and have already done some scooter riding although it did not turn out so great. We are not disheartened though and will probably use them everywhere in SE Asia. It looks like y’all had a great adventure over here!

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  3. Nice! We also rented scooters in Ko Lanta. Definitely much easier way to get started as the traffic there is minimal. Getting used to it in Ko Lanta gave us confidence to ride them later in Chiang Mai and Taiwan! Safe travels.

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