Banana Garden and Koh Lanta.

Banana Garden home is a travellers idea of heaven, located on the relaxed Island of Koh Lanta off the South West coast of Thailand.

Life at Banana Garden is never boring. Most tourists spend their holiday on Klong Dao Beach, a spectacular three kilometers stretch of white sands and clear, shallow water, to relax the body and mind.

There are a variety of leisurely ways to pass the time on offer like, Thai massage on the beach, exotic dinner while watching the stunning sunsets and impressive landscape. Koh Lanta is the countries 62nd National Park.

Halfway down the Eastern coast is a town called Ban Koh Lanta, which is the centre point and main port for the Island. Some of the gracious and well-kept wooden stilt houses and shopfronts here are over 100 years old. Pier restaurants offer a fresh fish and have views over the sea.

There is a small afternoon market on Sundays, and if you’re looking for attractive handmade leather goods, stop by Lanta Leather ; for quality hammocks don’t miss Hammock House ,where you can also pick up its fabulous Lanta Biker’s Map full of off-the-beaten-path recommendations.

But try avoiding the famous Thailand tattoo when hiring a motorbike. Many backpackers have them on their knees, elbows and hands from falling off and grazing themselves. It is not a pretty sight.

The resort attracts tourists from all nationalities and age groups who can enjoy a bottle of Chang at Pass Indian Bar located directly on the beach. The owner, Pass, puts on a fire juggling display most evenings as the sun sets over the PhiPhi Islands.

With 20 rooms kitted out with air conditioning, a fridge, hot shower and a balcony. There is plenty of wildlife around in the jungle that gives the bungalows unique character. Including Monitor lizards, Snakes and Monkeys.

The Island itself has plenty to offer, with the town a short walk away. There are several excursions to experience, including, Fishing, Diving and trekking that can be booked for a reasonable price. Look out for the beautiful corals and brightly coloured fish just off the Lanta beaches.

The owners are extremely friendly, ensuring you have the best stay during your time. All being family makes the atmosphere enjoyable and as though you are one of them.

To stay at Banana Garden Home is also cheap, like many resorts in South East Asia. A tourist can book a standard bungalow for 900Baht a night (around £20). This includes a breakfast of fresh fruit, toast, orange juice, tea/coffee.


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